Launching New ACNL Guide: Tips and Tricks you must go through

Starting a new game can be frustrating, here are 50 tips and tricks for your favorite game, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Name has changed

The problem: 'Don't play your game for a month and realize that you hate the name of the country. So how do you change that?

The solution: can not! So make sure you have the country name or nickname you want completely before you start saving the file.

How to deal with: When asked at the beginning of the game about you and the name of your country, choose something you can overcome for years to come!

* Note * Your first action will be the capital of your country The only way to change the name of a city is to delete your security file and start it.

Bad card

The problem is: It's time to dump her and move on. But the next thing you know, you will find that you move on the map from your home to your home, on the beach, to the station again! It is a mess! But what can you do?

Solution: Choose your map carefully at the beginning of your game. I found a seat next to my seat. Any farming on the beach and on the island would be a daunting task in building that precious bellwona!

How to fix it: Choose a small map at the beginning of your game that shows a small pink tail near a river ramp. If none of the four figures have that option, leave the game and restart. It may seem like a problem, but I promise in the end, it will save you a lot of time!

Insert a balloon without powder

Problem: is a newcomer to the animal crossing 3ds game and you see an annoying balloon flying that will not be reached. Still will not get into the slingshot and want to see what is there now, what is holding the balloon.

Solution: Put it in the palm of your hand!

Follow: Wait for the balloon to float to the edge of the mountain that connects your river. Once the balloon reaches the edge, spray the shovel as close as possible to the balloon so you can redeem it! And, Bam! Balloon paper will appear, leaving your gift next to your beach.

Pitley Cemetery

The problem: every day you play, you are happier in your beautiful city, when you suddenly fall to the ground and get stuck !! Other seeds are trapped!

The solution: Do not let the seeds of wounds sink in your path forever!

How to fix it: Before falling into the trap, dig with a shovel. Go to the farthest part of your city where you rarely walk and bury the seeds hidden in the corner. It will stay there forever until you choose to play it. The problem will be solved!